Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chrysalis - Definition (1967)

Chrysalis - Definition (us 1967)

Formed: Ithaca, NY, United States

- James Spider Barbour,
- Nancy Nairn,
- Paul Album,
- Dahaud Shaar,
- Jon Sabin,
- Ralph Kotkov

01. What Will Become of the Morning
02. Lacewing
03. Cynthia Gerome
04. April Grove
05. Father's Getting Old
06. 30 Poplar
07. Baby, Let Me Show You Where I Live
08. Fitzpatrick Swanson
09. Lake Hope
10. Piece of Sun
11. Summer in Your Savage Eyes
12. Dr Root's Garden
13. Dues Are Hard (Bonus Track)
14. Gimme Your Love (Bonus Track)
15. Sink in Deeper (Bonus Track)
16. Window Shopping (Bonus Track)
17. Well I Can Ride (Bonus Track)
18. Cold & Windy City (Bonus Track)
19. Cynthia Gerome (Bonus Track)
20. Dr Root's Garden (Bonus Track)

This album is a samplers wet dream! some might recognize the sample on 30 poplar. for the most part i like this album. ITS VERY 60'S. with that in mind there are some highs and lows. @ first i wasnt feelin this album, but it kinda grows on ya. like i said. highs and lows.


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